My Stay at Baratang Island ,Andaman

Are you travelling with no return date in mind? The feeling and what you look up to is important.

There are items to look out for when Planning a honeymoon package to andaman islands ;


The geography of a place is the first thing that comes to one’s mind if trying to identify where to go for holiday or any other duties.

The Batarang Island, an island of the Andaman Islands in India is known for its limestone caves and a pleasant mangrove view. The freshness of the forest reserve and its greenery to the caves is worth a ride there. One will see how the cave’s stalactites and stalagmites have formed inside .Its really a good experience there.

How to get there can be by bus or via the two ferries crossing; the Bamboo Trikery or the Nilambur Jetty or a twenty five (25) – thirty (30) mins speed boat ride.

Purpose of travel

The big question comes in to play, why am I travelling? Whereas some people enjoy travelling as a hobby, others do it because they need to go someplace far away from home for holiday, or a business trip or research related activities or a conference.

Sending messages home and letting them know where you are and what experiences you are up to gives one comfort and a sense of satisfaction.

Resources or Accommodation facilities

The facilities and accommodation that a place for tourists has is very important as it gives a feel of what one is to expect and the availability of the resources. Everyone loves comfort so a good place for rest is one to look out for.


The sky is the limit here! The factors one needs to put into consideration is how much the place intended for travel is worth , where as some may save for holiday, others may opt for an affordable location .

What to carry

It may be tempting to carry enough clothing, that favorite book and gadgets, but you may not need all you are planning to carry on this trip

As you make plans to visit Batarang Island, don’t forget your sun glasses to shade off the pouching sun, your sun screen and a travel hat and a pair of shorts.

Photography is not allowed at the Batarang Islands, a rule passed on by the government of India. So no need to carry that camera …

And don’t forget to carry your boarding pass or photograph it on to your phone. Just keep an eye on your boarding pass.


There are experiences one encounters during travel. Your most memorable experience is one where you will reflect on what you came across, your encounter and the adventure that there were.

Talking about Batarang Island, the mud volcano is one thing you will see. It’s really a life time experience and also has a very good night view.

Tour operators

As you travel , keep in mind or involve a Andaman tour package operator  to give you guidance on a place of your choice as information pertaining a place is important to know to avoid any issues cropping up and an �I didn’t know attitude’

These operators may have insider information and even more travel ideas that will make your trip enjoyable.